Monday, August 21, 2017

Fuck Seattle Anyway

We made a "pinkie promise", eternally binding of course, my wife Christine and I just the other day to not set foot in Seattle again, as in ever (and EVER).

About a week and a half prior to this last presidential election I wanted to take Chris over there, about a four and a half hour drive, to do the Pike Street Market tourist thing, go to the Seattle Center and just hang out for three days.

This was the weekend of Halloween as it's celebrated when it actually lands on a Monday but everything plays out the Friday and Saturday before. Lots of sexy gals in Halloween kitty costumes. I love seeing all that. Everybody was nice everywhere we went and NOBODY was talking politics. NADA

During all of 2016 I worked more overtime at the prison then I'd ever done previously doing two to three double shifts per week for about sixteen months total. A big part of the incentive to clobber my 57/58 year old body with something like 110 double shifts was to get caught up with things we badly needed and I did accomplish most of what I'd intended but, as well, I wanted to make up for the fact that for about ten years Chris and I could not leave home for more than a day because we have at all times somewhere between 60 to 80 living creatures to feed and care for, way more than you could ask some fourteen year old neighbor to feed while we're away.