Monday, October 15, 2012

"Foreign Troops" on US Soil and the Real Structure

There has been a lot of debate and discussion on the subject, starting with would American troops fire, imprison, disarm etc, American citizens? This speculation gets a bit of gas on the fire when one adds into the mix the NDAA and numerous reports of military equipment all over the country which, if you are not living under a rock, sure as hell seems to coincide with the real economic collapse we are in now.

The above italicized words was certainly enough for Stewart Rhodes to start up the Oath Keepers.

There has also been tossed around the subject of foreign troops to come in and do what perhaps our own (see Oathkeepers above) would not.

I believe for those not fully aware of the whole illusionary world of the left/right paradigm, the "structure" such people imagine is sort of like a triangle with the president on top and so on down the triangle.

Used to be, before all the Executive Orders and Leon Panetta informing congress that this administration has just castrated them and gets approval for war from NATO and the UN, that the top of the triangle was not a point and that the triangle was really not a triangle at all but, rather, a trapezoid.

A very interesting study on the subject of "the structure" can be found here:

But for now, let's go back to the subject of "foreign troops" while also thinking about what may be or not be the real structure.

If one were to take the simplistic triangle view of things, perhaps there would be room for the notion often parroted by a Democrat friend of mine who likes to say "The Democrats are looking out for the little guy". 

This is not a partison post. Think about this... do you really believe that all this quest for oil is really to do you the favor of having cheap gas in your tank because somebody way up the triangle cares about little ol' you?

A broader understanding, once the left/right paradigm is behind you is that NATO and the UN have a much bigger agenda than whether or not little ol' us have cheap gas in our tanks.

Besides the oil, or in addition to the oil, since pineapples would not generate such enthusiam for spreading democracy, is the precarious position our US "Petro" dollar is in right now.

In 1972 when Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard, Henry Kissinger worked out a three part deal with the OPEC nations. The first part meant that the US would be the first in line customer for oil. The second part, and the real biggie here, is that OPEC would only accept the US Dollar for oil....from anyone. Thus pegging our new totally fiat currency to oil.

The third part of the deal was that OPEC would be required to buy US Treasury bonds with a percentage of their profits. Today I believe OPEC is the fourth largest holder of US debt.

Some recent turns of events as it relates to the threat to our precious petro dollar have taken place in just the past year and I will list them below. Each below mentioned country have written agreements to exchange outside the us dollar for goods, mainly oil.

China/Russia, China/Japan, China/Brazil, China/Australia, India/Japan, India/Iran, China/Iran, Iran/Russia, China/United Arab Emirates.

Kinda weird how all of a sudden Mitt Romney is making tough talk about China in his recent presidential debate?

To protect "the current system" the dominoes for our numerous _____________ (insert favorite non-war phrase here) going on and will continue to go on until the net is once again established (which won't work out too well I don't think) to keep the US Dollar as the world's reserve currency.

If NATO is being used all over the world to protect "the current system" it is a natural progression of ideas, for me anyway, to assume that "foreign" troops, that is, NATO troops, would be indeed used here to keep in order the status quo because it has not been about, as in ever, looking out for the little guy.

Collectively we are nothing more than a crop where bubbles are made and popped leaving us to the point where it is mandatory for me to work overtime just to have the lifestyle I had six years ago. I'm glad to at least have that ability still but deep down I know we are in the process of being harvested.

Manisfest Destiny did not stop at the Pacific and though the power structure has new faces, yesterday's small pox blankets and reservations are todays vaccines and ghettos.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Alert - Right Brain Missing In Sheep

After many conversations on the subject with my very alert wife Christine, we have beaten the horse to death as to why so many people we know are asleep. Going beyond those we know it is also apparant in posts we see or other online responses we are aware of.

Asleep to what? The fact that the economy IS COLLAPSING and the corresponding rise in THE POLICE STATE.

After the beaten to death horse has now been spread out in chunks in the pasture, Chris I believe, nailed it as to why some people just don't get it.

It all has to do with critical thinking which is a right hemisphere brain activity. It is the imagination, the connecting of dots forward to take observations of facts from the left, analytical side of the brain and play out what is likely to happen in the right side of the brain where we can picture, imagine those dots assembling into something more likely to be.

We started naming the small handful of people we know who we consider awake who not only see what has happened, what is happening and where all of this is likely to go but, as well, are actually getting off their duffs to actually take charge of their own destiny and are PREPARING for the unfolding world they can imagine coming. And this small handful of people we are aware of who are outside the sheep pasture all have one thing in common.

Every person we consider to be awake are creative people. Each one has something, whether art, writing, constructing, etc. that has them wired to think critically by use of imagination.

Those I know who are asleep have either not much imagination based on what I know about them personally and often are entertainment junkies living in a world of television, sports and computer games.

It is my theory that not having much going on in the way of creativity the SPECTATOR mindset is a substitution for that creativity and further keeps the person in a self imposed box.

This box of course is also constructed at an early age when kids are plopped down in front of a teacher who tells the kid to color inside the lines, pay attention, memorize what we tell you and test to make sure the kid has memorized the dished up dogma. This of course kills or at least greatly subdues the creative side. The critical thinking side. Robot factories.

I guess in this world of labels I would be labeled as having "Oppositional Disorder" since I have always disliked bosses, chains of command and authority in general. I just can't get into the boot licking, brown nosing or cling to a psy-ops word such as "career" to make me feel better about hanging onto a mediocre job and fitting within the confines a structure having no freedom within that structure. But I gotta pay the bills so I need to play the game. For now anyway.

The mainstream television "news" not only distorts reality and lies outright, they also pump out prepackaged opinions. If you are not with us you are the enemy.

All the crap in the middle east and North Africa has to do with protecting the oil supply so that the corporate pirates can have it. Our military is corporate mercenaries. I got that term from an ex-marine who woke up.

Along with the oil the other big reason for all of our planting various US agenda friendly dictators all over that region (till we decide they are not useful and kill them) is to protect the "Petro Dollar" which is currently in grave danger of being dumped by the rest of the world. If that happens it is game over time and our paper fiat money will be a nice souvenier in the future world when America is a used up crack whore.

But all the dummies who will stand by looking down, not as a real man, as the TSA squeezes their wife's breasts can feel better by that intrusion as long as they remind themselves that it is necessary because of those terrorists. 

Statistically we all have way more chance of drowning in our own vomit compared to the threat by "terrorists" so why don't we all wear vomit awareness alarms to wake us up if we pass out on our back after too much alcohol consumption? Maybe they can pass laws to make it mandatory for our own security.

Some of the red dots I mentioned in earlier posts before I deleted some 130 posts in disgust after realizing that most dummies will never wake up, have a double dose of "Normalcy Bias".

So to repeat some of those red dots, not necessarily in chronological order is this list from the top of my head:

The patriot act. (of course the sheeple think it's about protection from "terrorists".


The Council for Rural America

Another executive order I'm having a brain fart over the title having to do with the President, based up his whim, can lay claim to every American resource. That's anything to do with business or commerce, food, water, roads, labor, etc. Everything. Total takeover signed into law by executive order which becomes law if Congress does not reject it within 30 days. And, of course, they didn't.

1.6 billion rounds purchased in the past year, mainly .40 cal hollowpoint and .223 which is ten times more bought than in any other preceeding year.

Thousands of armored check point booths

TSA - now rolling into bus terminals and train stations. Expected to be in shopping malls in the future.

Villianization of true patriots. Constitutionalists, returning vets, buyers of high capacity magazines, people who pay with cash, people who have more than a week supply of food, people who homeschool, people who have bumper stickers promoting NRA or 2nd Ammendment, Don't Tread on Me bumperstickers, and....yada yada yada.... This will all get you labeled as a possible "Domestic Terrorist" as will the demonstration at an event and carrying a sign.

Now.... the fact that these things are in place should be enough for any sleeping sheep to observe but when you couple in the fact that all of this just happens to be occuring in a very small window in time ALONG WITH the fact that "continuity of government" is the first thing on the agenda AND add that to the fact, obvious with just a small amount of research, that the economy IS COLLAPSING, the can has been kicked as far as it can be kicked and "they" know that people are going to go apeshit nuts when their EBT cards quit working starting with mass riots in the cities....

All I have to say is....duh....

Friday, September 28, 2012


Un-Matrixed, my view of preparedness and life from this point on.

I've used the movie, "The Matrix" as an example in conversations with mostly asleep people over the past few years because the analogies so powerfully make several points.
Due to much studying over the past few years the economy and geo-political events with a healthy connection to history we, Christine and I, have "awakened" to several paradigm popping realizations that, we believe, if  unrealized by the mainstream, leaves people in the state of sleep.

This is mainly due I believe to entertainment addiction in it's many forms as well as an overall dumbed down citizenry for a variety of other reasons.

In a few earlier debates with a couple people who were clinging to their Normalcy Bias as I was talking about just how bad the current economy is, I heard such comments as "things aren't as bad as the Great Depression" or that we got over that as well as the recessions in the 80's.

Thus no need to worry and certainly no need to prepare.

The problem with that shallow view of "events" is that those events are not disconnected separate periods but rather a long progression (regression?) of events going back even earlier than 1913 though the beginning of the Fed is the single biggest problem as it pertains to the super bubbles now blowing up in our faces.

The Superbubble is also riding on a "Magic Carpet", which is the US Dollar/Petro Dollar World Reserve Currency Status. And once a person realizes that a handful of other countries, that is the other biggest economies, have a hold on a thread from our Magic Carpet Currency and as we move forward it will at some point completely unravel. Super Game Changer.

Without going any further into the many reasons our economy, dollar, bonds and the whole enchilada ARE FAILING, since people can do their own research IF THEY CHOOSE we have arrived to the point of understanding that IF PEOPLE ARE NOT AWAKE YET IT IS TOO LATE FOR THEM.

Because we also believe that a major storm is almost here and not just due to the economy. The government is currently doing it's own, for "Continuity of Government" sake, PREPPING for the coming economic collapse.

We don't care at this point to debate with people who have no real understanding of these issue or waste time trying to convince people as it appears that this is the most potentially informed society who will not bother to be aware of it's own demise.

See "A culture of delusion" by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. Pretty timely.

Beneath all the other shaking dominoes about to fall to affect the status quo is the current mass slumbering population which, when awakened to their plight, will cause a frantic mass awakening. Not a healthy awakening with time for the facts to settle in while adjustments in lifestyle has accompanied the changes but rather a sudden horror awakening with no time left remaining to prepare for anything. Desperation. Runs on food, runs on banks, runs all over the place.

We are currently likely somewhere around 3-5% awake and preparing and I think the 5% is overly optimistic. This is based on sales of survival related items, food and such and of course some things are immeasurable such as small scale livestock and home canning and such. 

I can tell from conversations with people I know who only talk about their silly sports and television and whatever that has nothing to do with demonstrating any knowledge of what is coming or doing anything to prepare for it.

I'm glad to see Chris painting occasionally. As she said a couple years ago she doesn't need any more of her own paintings since nothing has sold in quite some time. But the artist in her will always be there and maybe after some reset all of her paintings will help with some future world we are in. I hope so.

We were talking yesterday morning about how asleep people are and how good it has felt to have at least a small handful of people we know actually both awake and preparing for the shit storm. This is a good place to put our energy and creative forces as we need to be in a place where we can produce our own livelihood and not rely on the Matrix world of fragile food supply and illusion.

Chris pointed out that it makes no never mind at this stage of the game whether some stranger scratches their chin and either gets something or not out of one of her paintings hanging in some gallery where nothing is moving.

What matters most is that we have a very healthy life, abundant food and have garnered much knowledge for self sufficiency. We are surrounded daily by the cycle of life from our critters and have an enhanced deep understanding of what it means to stop and smell the roses.

We currently have four does in with Neo the buck. Much life a'comin soon as well as more Feta cheese.

We are living in the creation of our own making which is many levels deeper and wider than what a person may or may not feel scratching their chin in a gallery where Chris' art used to hang. Having a home schooled daughter and time for that priority fits into our creation as well. We did this. We live this.

And the Matrix cables have been out of our heads for some time now.